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Hi adoring fans, It is I, the glorious……….REBECCA!! Thank you, thank you very much, oh you are too kind. So, so far my summer has been pretty sweet. :-) As of now I have gone to:

  1. Washington D.C. on the safety patrol trip
  2. constructed FOUR lego robots at camp Webb
  3. gone to the pool a few times with my friends
  4.  Had a movie marathon that lasted 2 and 1/2 days long

That is quite a lot for four weeks. Well I have to go to Church now….  TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

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This week was AWSOME! First we sold buddy bands for KARM and got $1,035.14 for KARM! That is a lot of money! Next, we took a tour of West Vally, and let me tell you, their food is a lot better than ours! Then, we had field day! We creamed the other classes a tug-a-war! Finnaly, we are going to the caverns today! It will be SOOOO much fun! Well I borrowed this computer from someone and I need to give it back. TTFN!


This is a list of my to ten favorite things about fifth grade:

  1. Having Mr.Haney
  2. Wonder Works
  3. Field Day
  4. Oldest in the School
  5. Pen Pals
  6. Meeting Elise
  7. Selling Buddy Bands
  8. Making Movies
  9. Going to Caverns
  10. Taking Pride Home
  11. (Going wild like a fifth grader do)
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I LOVE THIS WEEK!!!!!!! This week was TCAP week, but that means that we had fun and no learning what so ever this week! Also, I am having a sleepover with EMILY! Today is the Rocky Hill Rodeo! Emily is taking me. we are going to explore and map up the creek too. The next day, her family will have a yard sale and we are going to have a bake sale/ lemon aid stand there. then we will go to a soccer fest. It is were a bunch of kids come and play games. Well I am so jummmmppyy and excited about it! All that is left now is TTFN!

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Hi-a everybody! Today is Friday and I just finished my last TCAP prep test EVER!!! Next week is the real TCAP. Can’t wait to get this over with. A few minuets ago… Mr. Haney got all mushy say’n stuff like: I know this is going to sound mush (mushier than he thought) but I just wanted to say……..The next couple of weeks will fly by…(I’ll leave out the REALLY mushy stuff)  Poor guy, all the TCAP prep must have gotten to his head. Well if the preping doesn’t stop, I am going to lose it too. Anyway, this week in our garden, we planted peas, carrots, and beans. Also, remember that snake, well we found it DEAD, so we also planted a snake in its grave. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I hardly knew him. “sniff” He was just a baby. Well, that’s all, TTFN!

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This week has been the toughest one yet!  It was 80 degrees, then it SNOWED!?!!?!?!  Also, I have died for the last time!  I am so sick of TCAP prep.  I also have the hiccups, too.  On the other hand, this Sunday is Easter so I will get a ton of candy. Then again, my sister Laura’s birthday is on Easter and I still don’t have a present for her! Any ideas? I guess it will be my turn for TCAP prep soon, maybe TOO soon. I hope you enjoyed my weekly research.  I try to make them interesting. The Rocky Hill Singers has now ended, so I won’t have any more fun in it. Well I am running out of things to say besides  TTFN!! (Ta-Ta For Now!) Have a nice Good Friday!

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Hope you enjoy this!

The Mountains & Oceans Effect

By: Rebecca Robinson

Have you ever wondered how the shore has milder temperatures and more rain than in the neutral territory of the country? Or how there are desserts on one side of a mountain, and a lush forest on the other? Opposites, only separated by a mountain. Wow. Well I think that the mountains and oceans that we are overlooking have a effect on these events. Lets take a closer look! Lets start with mountains. Giant pointed rocks poking out from the Earth. Mountains can stop clouds from passing by. Also, they can cause clouds to pour all their water out on one side of the mountain, and not have anything left for the other side. This causes deserts to form, and all the water on the windward side forms lush forests. The side of the mountain that gets all the rain is called the windward side. The other side of the mountain that barely gets any of the rain, from the evaporated ocean water, is called the leeward side. From the rain, the humidity rises causing the climate to rise. From the lack of rain to cool the leeward side off, causes the humidity to drop, also forcing the climate to rise. There is this perfect balance in humidity and temperature that creates the perfect climate. So you can’t go too high or too low.

I think the oceans effect the climate by causing MORE rain! All this talk about how clouds move makes you forget why you have all this rain on your hands in the first place! You wouldn’t have all the rain if there was no source of it. With all the water sitting on the beach you should prepare for it! I mean, so much water for the sun to evaporate! All the rain causes the climate to to stay the same and for the humidity to stay the same, normally. Oceans also cause sea and land breezes. This makes the beach to feel hotter or colder than it normally is supposed to be. That is why I feel that mountains and oceans take effect in the climate of places.

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Hey, I have to make this REALLY quick! We only have 20 more mins. left  before lunch so… This week on the news, we have had the most random things happen EVER! We were on over load because so many teachers wanted for us to tell the whole school. Also, lots people went to track, but I didn’t make it.  I will post the track team video also. I had to preform two concerts in the RHES Singers group. I will post some pics of that too. I also got to go to do our reading buddies, so that’s new. In the picture I am playing with Julie I think is her name. Besides that, everything was normal.


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I hope you enjoy this